Independent School

Colorado Heritage Education School System is a private Christian school within the state of Colorado.  

Colorado Heritage offers "umbrella school" services to homeschooling families through enrollment in its Independent School.  These services enable homeschooling families to take advantage of the freedom to educate at home - determining their own schedule and curriculum - while fulfilling Colorado school enrollment requirements.  Enrollment with Colorado Heritage's Independent School is done on a yearly basis and fulfills Colorado Compulsory School Attendance Law. 

Enrollment in Colorado Heritage's Independent School also gives families the Colorado Heritage Member designation, enabling you to take advantage of reduced prices when utilizing our Enrichment Academy, Testing services, Graduation ceremony.

Whether you enroll in the Enrichment Academy with Colorado Heritage or enroll with Colorado Heritage as your Independent School, you will have the benefit of receiving services from a dedicated, experienced professional staff who know and support the family-focused, discipleship-centered, home instruction model. 

Our Background

Colorado Heritage was established as a Church-run, Christian homeschool educational support in 1991 by a Pastor and Mrs. Ong of Reformation Baptist Church in Greeley, Colorado. We are now a Private Christian School run by a board comprised of Christian men and women who desire to see that our students - whether they are in the Independent School Program or taking classes at our Enrichment Academy - grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that they may learn to live for Him in all areas of their life. Our Enrichment Academy teachers are dedicated to the spiritual well-being of their students as well as to their educational success. We have two 12-week semesters, meeting one day a week for K-8 and two days a week for some high school classes. In our Enrichment Academy, we offer science, history, math, literature, art, music, drama, PE, and more. Please see above enroll button for more.

Independent School/Enrichment Academy. Our Philosophy and Acceptance Policy:

Our Philosophy
At Colorado Heritage we believe that God has given parents the responsibility to lead the academic and spiritual education of their children. With this in mind, we have designed our Independent School, Enrichment Program, and other services to give maximum academic flexibility with the support, and accountability you chose and that also ensure state education law compliance for those who are enrolled in our Independent School.

Our Acceptance and Eligibility for Continued Enrollment Policy:
The Colorado Heritage Independent School and Enrichment Academy seeks students from families who are conforming to the biblical pattern for family found in Holy Scripture and specified in the various position statements of this organization. The Colorado Heritage Independent School and Enrichment Academy will consider applications from families led by a husband and wife (man and woman) or a single parent, though exceptions may be made at the Colorado Heritage staff or board discretion.

To be eligible for acceptance and for continuing enrollment in Colorado Heritage, parents/guardians and students who apply for and who are in our Independent School and/or Enrichment Academy must live their life as their birth gender, based on the chromosomes the Lord God Sovereignly gave them before they were in their mother's womb. "Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them." Psalm 139:16

How to Apply:

  1. Complete the enrollment application form and non-refundable application fee using our online portal

  2. Schedule an interview with a Colorado Heritage Office Staff representative (Principal/Office Manager)

  3. Turn in all necessary paperwork (this can be brought to interview): Immunization records/exemption letter, previous standardized test scores (if applicable), and transfer records from previous school (if applicable)

    • Immunizations/exemptions:
      All students enrolled in our Independent School must have on record with the school office either a current immunization record or an exemption statement (religious or personal) according to Colorado Code, before enrollment is completed. Standard immunization record forms may be obtained from the family’s doctor and a copy given to the school office.  Parents have a right of exempting their student from these vaccinations and parent/guardians also have a right to opt-out of Colorado’s Immunization Information System (CIIS—vaccine registry; Colorado Heritage does not participate in the registry)

  4. The Colorado Heritage staff will notify the parent/guardian of acceptance or rejection in writing. If accepted, the parent/guardians will receive an Acceptance Letter that includes a family teaching ID card to be used for educational discounts. PLEASE NOTE: This ID card does not confer state licensure nor certification.

How to Re-Enroll for Returning Families (Open May-July yearly):

  1. Complete all re-enrollment forms necessary and family non-refundable re-enrollment fee using our Parent Portal system

  2. Turn in your Actual Attendance Calendar for the previous school year. This records the hours your student(s) participated in school each day.

  3. Turn in any standardized test results or professional evaluation results. (This is only necessary if you did not test with Colorado Heritage or if you took a Professional Evaluation with a teacher other than our Partnered Teachers.)

  4. Turn in a new immunization exemption form OR updated immunization records.

  5. Optional: Turn in any other report cards or academic records from only the previous year which you wish for us to keep on file for your family.

Important: Colorado Heritage reserves the right to disenroll and deactivate family files if they fail to re-enroll by September 30th or communicate with the Office Staff in regards to their enrollment status.

PLEASE NOTE: The returning family re-enrollment deadline is July 31st each year. A late fee will be applied to any and all  families that do not turn in ALL required paperwork (see numbers 2-4 above) to the office by the deadline; unless special arrangements have been made with the Office Staff.